Friday, 17 June 2011

DOWNLOAD: Gimu - The Sacred

The Sacred

A fantastically bleak two-track release from the solo Brazillian soundscapist Gimu.  An immersive experience into a heavily tone-flooded space of dark ambient drone. There is very little information regarding this artist, the intent behing the sounds and the mechanics of their creation a mystery that add to the details. The central tones sounds like immensely processed guitars, there's a low end rumble, a roaring mid range and top end frequencies buffeting around the twenty minute running time. Delicately searching needles of white hot feedback ring into the swirling darkness of the Part 1. The torrent of noise that forms Part 2 track throws up a scarily intimidating rush of black waters churning through the night; slick black over hot air, frictionless yet violent, smooth and ragged.

There are two more free download releases from May and April this year on his Bandcamp page: A Piano Piece and E.K.

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