Wednesday, 15 June 2011

DOWNLOAD: White Rainbow - From Now On Let's: the Mixtape

White Rainbow
From Now On Let's: the Mixtape


If you thought Lays the Boogie Down was heavy sink your frontal lobe into the thirteen slices of deep trance funk Adam Forkner has just served up and see how it grabs you.  A couple of lengthy deep trance numbers rub up against a lot of shawter grindier jams.  This one brings the glitch from the off on the title track; after that Dr Pizza gets into his Purple&Green mode with some sexually driven smoothed down, screwed down grooves on Stark Naked Bluster and Hermeto Swang.  The record starts popping it's body all over the shop switching between liquid funk of Stop It Boogie to the hard beats & bass, sometimes folding them in together like on the highlight Thug Dubs Mo Poppin.

You just need to hear this one, there's only so much words can do.  All those track titles should seduce you strong enough. 

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