Wednesday, 27 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: Lake Radio - Delta


Another excellent EP from this somewhat antagonistic artist who first rose to infamy by exiling himself right out of the Witch House scene, proclaiming himself Witch-House-by-Design and immediately inviting upon himself the wrath of the gatekeepers looming large over the scene in certain areas. There's little occult cryptology at work in this incarnation of 19 year old Illinois based Caden Moore's LAKE R▲DIO, leaving the genre-baiting a distance behind him as he concentrates instead on producing an unhurried but kinetic form of bucolic electronica that I have been posting a lot of recently. The four tracks in this Ep echoes the present-moment, shared-consciousness reminiscence of Vondelpark or Evenings styles of phosphorescent sundown slow-burn electronica, and it's a sound that I haven't been able to get enough of late, especially with the light drawing out further into the night time. Still got clap beats though, ya dig.

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