Sunday, 3 April 2011

execute every act of thy life as though it were thy LASTFM THREAD

another week over. lets run these numbers:

It's a tie!

Three ties!!
So I pumped it up to 11.

01. Craft Spells - 34
01. Moon Duo - 34
03. The Raveonettes - 27
03. Sleeping Peonies - 27
05. Shabazz Palaces - 25
06. Fleet Foxes - 24
07 Ash Borer - 21
08. Evenings - 18
09. Bosco Delrey - 17
09. Mother Network – 17
11. Peaking Lights – 16

1a – Lovely.
1b – Mazes amazes. It's very good, blues based hypno-drone heavily vibed out on VU & Suicide. The kind of band that makes me use the V word.
3a- even though this new album isn't that exciting, it does have a killer finish , and I can't dislike anything by The Ravonettes.
3B – Listening to Sleeping Peonies romantic shoegaze black metal and then playing The Ravonettes straight after confused the shit out of me; they're really not that different. New album comes wrapped in pink lace – not your usual BM in any way, but then BM doesn't usually hail from Norfolk.
5 – I like this a lot. Seattle hip hop group. Capital 5 is immense;
6 – Starting to like this band too.
7 – Best black metal band at the moment by far. Cosmic, captivating, expansive. Recent cassette sold out on day one, their full discography is being released as a double tape and LP in the next few months so you'll get another chance to get a copy.
8 – Thought this was lovely on first listens, now weeks later it's proving to be proper magical.
9a – Hopefully his album will light minds up like Ariel Pink did.
9b – Nintendocoregrind. Free download. Mental.
11. Will probably never tire of this. Ever.

Solo acapella – Something by Dylan Nyoukis probably:

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