Monday, 4 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: GuMMy†Be▲R!/Nattymari - 100 Minutes of Foulness

100 Minutes of Foulness


Joining foces again for a physical release after their storming digital only Witch Made Knicca mix last year this tape is the new next level big hitter from screwed down space rave double team Nattymari and GuMMy†Be▲R!  Released in February on ClanDestine Records and now all sold out, it has been made available for free download to spread the foulness as far as it will reach.

An unholy mix of songs you'll recognise disfigured, screwed, glitched, stretched, chopped, reconfigured and reconstituted into ways that would appall your parents: This is club music for degenerates, degenerate music for clubs.

ẈḭṭḈḨ Ṃ4ḋḜ ḴḸḯḵḵ 4 ḸḭḞḝ ḞṌṌḼ!!!!!

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