Friday, 1 April 2011

VIDEO: Mater Suspiria Vision - Das Haus der Hexe : Pyramids of Mu Remix & Dream Boat Remix

My confession about witch house to you is that I have always wanted and willed it to be more successful than most of its protagonists really have been. This is getting really close to blowing the top off its ceiling and reaching the next level, music and video wise.  The voice sample may be some kind of standard but that's part of the witch house way and totally acceptable.  This delivers on the visuals, the ceremony, the pomp, the beats, the HOUSE. MSV have really been ramping up their game with DVD's, the excellent Inverted Triangle ep on Clan Destine from which the original of this is taken, and the forthcoming Crack Witch album release.  This remix is part of something developing that could turn into the real deal that this whole genre has been pushing at.

Here's the original version and video for comparison.  Even more creeped out and sinister; composing it's corrupting force through a subverted Stooges riff and invokation of Raw Power - it is devious, but subtle and chilling referencing cannot be enough on its own - if only all the peaks of this disparate scene could mesh together into one all consuming entity. It could happen.

And on top of that, there's this. Dream Boat could well be my favourite witch house artists, their album Visions offered up as close to the perfect realisation of all the threads as the genre came last year and they have produced a remix to this same track that batters the senses, opening slowly like a wry seductress before dropping their trademark rippling beats, squeals and trills. It's all happening on this one piece of music.

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