Monday, 11 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: ʄ≜uxmuℭica - †ʄ† ʄnord †ʄ†

†ʄ† ʄnord †ʄ†

"†ʄ† ʄnord †ʄ† is basically the old discordian precept of falsehood and distraction through mass media." - YORBA

The nine tracks of ʄ≜uxmuℭica's debut full length LP, †ʄ† ʄnord †ʄ† set out on a relatively easy in - a looping throb of a rhythm overlaid with a fluctuating pitch that forms an altered state of a melody line accompanied by disembodied female vocal upfront, and male voice intoning something indecipherable buried down into the mix.  Across the rest of the album voices appear as ghostly apparitions, computerised commanders and gruff inhuman beastly roars in The Peach Tree remixed version of HEXANE▼RAIN▼[ESCAPE]▼which is a more horrifying version of the really punchy track that appears later as a cyber-rave anthem subducted into a dense zone of molten synth chatter, urgent beats and a panic-stricken lead melody. ☨FOR GO, SHADOW☨ is a frozen glitch of circuit-degraded ambience smoothed into trance. Ambience is rediscovered for the ten minute closer ▼TrueSorcerory▼UponMontreal▼ which is an eeire soundtrack recalling many filmic sequences set out in the harsh coldness of space, slowly spinning slivers of sound bleeding in and out of the mix. The highlight of the album is ʄantasy▲ѷiolence, hammering out of it's open section on a steely ring modulated beat, nu-age-esque synth tones hovering around it slowly coalescing into a galloping bass-harried flutter that is suddenly disfigured by cryptic signal glitch.

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