Monday, 4 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: GuMMy†Be▲R! - Oakland


Double whammy of Gummy for you today - this is the first, more later.  Regular readers of this blog will know how highly I rate the Witch Made Knicca king, GuMMy†Be▲R!, so it should come as no surprise that I present you with his first full length album, OaklandAfter hitting 200 paid-for downloads he donated all the money to the Japan Tsunami relief fund and has made it free for the rest of you, for the time being at least, so get in there quick.

The fourteen tracks on the album sit somewhere between the space rave of the Spectral Analysis ep, and his older more predominantly R&B influenced tunes with the new addition of a bit of glitch, double take pulse lock drops and twitches. He's stepping up his game in the production department, polishing up his sounds, honing his pieces into dynamic statements of songcraft and form. He recently made statements to the effect of declaring war on witch house - a paraphrase he probably won't be impressed with me misquoting slightly, but he can't deny it either!  The gloves are off, and with tracks like Gwap, HAARP, and My Favourite Mirage all shaking their luxuriant curves into the faces of both his peers and detractors.  The highlight and most accomplished piece is Night With No Light which features Zombelle purring velvet vocals over the most sultry club oriented beats and basslines on the album.

If a full album of cosmic trance hop wasn;t enough for you HerrGummy has also posted the two brand new tracks below on his Soundcloudin the last week, and with even more tweaked production skills than even this high watermark of a release, the next new album coming in just a couple of months, should be well worth the wait.

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