Monday, 18 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: Honeycomb Bones - Evil Age EP

Honeycomb Bones
Evil Age EP

Honeycomb Bones are a feral garage two piece from Hull; Michael (guitar and vocals) and Craig (bass) with drums kicked by a machine programmed .loose and fast, the only clue being the slightly tinnyr snap of the snare. You won;t care, and it's almost integral to the frantic sound.  Friends since primary school, the duo have been making scratchy lo-fi demos for a few years before starting gigging and playing a more developed garage-punk style with the added electronic element in the form of drums though there's nothing scratchy about this release, it burns fiercely with a thick smoke-warped production that fills up the space and swamps your head.  No garage band worth their salt should think of clearing up their sound much further.

The sound is a lot of Oh Sees, especially in the fx addled vocals of Forgetting Over that uses a head-rattling tremelo/delay shock treatment to awesome ends on top of an already killer riff and stomping beat. Keep Your Fever has a taut post-punk disco slash and stab the like of which Franz Ferdinand cleaned up but Honeycomb Bones bury back under its rightful place of dirty scuzzy overdriven fuzz. Going further back there's a Cramps-y ominousness in the bass boom and vibrating spaces of lead picking plus the omnipotent garage rock presence of Link Wray free-wheeling hot-blues surf-streak.

They are planning to release a cassette or a 7" some time in the future, but no firm details as to when or what it will include. I'll be sure sure to let you know where and when.

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