Tuesday, 12 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: ʄ≜uxmuℭica - HiFi ♮ SciFi ♮


HiFi SciFi

"HiFi ♮ SciFi ♮ is a follow up to my work in 2010 WEPOWNZ and Lofi# Scifi# and more of the scifi-noir bridled into pop music without vocals on the original pieces. i think vox are great, but they aren't for all tracks imho. i think my music served cold as death sometimes and the kinetic warmth of vocal chords ruins my chill at times so i split it into 4 original instrumental tracks and 4 remixes showing i'm doing the same thing with or w/o vox." - YORBA

The first four parts of this are the ʄ≜uxmuℭica originals, in thrall and in pursuit of global gods and monsters - Dionysus, Loki, Isis and Eris.  Disintegrating soundtrack from an F1 race, speed trials / light trails. Pop music in an exhausted quandry - does it progress to a place where it begins to challenge everything, or sit and stagnate as mere entertainment. It would take less than invoking a god to consider that conundrum but the fact that Yorba does draw down the influence and might of these four should clue you in to the power inherent in the tracks here. There's some violent frequencies deployed in here, at almost excruciating levels of dissonance - swarms of angry bees, legions of undead, deviant top and bottom ranges. The piercing synth line in opener, Dionysus winds its way towards a haunted rendition of Scarborough Fair, beats scuttling about in the leaf litter of fuzz that lies underneath.  Loki is as mischievous as the title suggests - a thumping beat, accelerating mid-range and huge wobbles at the high and low ends of the tone spectrum throb in propulsive unison.  Isis  is a more contemplative piece, moving at a slower pace, but strafing itself with some hi speed chases around it;s slowly uncoiling serpentine bass core. The album reveals its most unthreatening character in Eris; a vaulted, cavernous sounding track that is not dissimilar to all that came before but has a sense of cosmic rhythm that cruises the beats along a hypnotic course and pulls your ears into it less scorched by the dark-matter surrounding it that in the other tracks.

The remixes are are a great foil to the four intial pieces; you really haven't heard music subverted and recontextualised quite as much as when ʄ≜uxmuℭica sets his sights on it. He is canny enough to leave the strengths of the tracks where they are (within the reasoned logic of his parallel laws of physics).  I'll leave you to discover the likes of the inverted euphoria of Health's USA Boys for yourself.

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