Thursday, 21 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: Twilight Owls - V & Spellcaster

New track from one of Moscow's finest psychedelic guitar drone improvisors; Twilight Owls. This is a relatively short but instantly atmospheric piece or harmonic post-rock drone that picks it's way about a plaintive guitar theme then rapidly builds on those flickering echoes, into a heady rush of substantiate presence.


As well as that, this other track, Spellcaster was released as a cassette split with Banana Pill last year. I missed it at the time and somewhere in between it's been made free to download from Twilight Owls Bandcamp too. It's 18 minutes of visceral hypnotic bliss that piles on the weight until the end begins to produce some doom heavy motions more in thrall to The Riff than the ambience of the preceeding 12-15 minutes. Great stuff.

DOWNLOAD - Spellcaster

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