Sunday, 31 July 2011

stats are back! think I've had a couple of weeks off.

DiS vs NFR Vs.

01.Gkfoes Vjgoaf - 32
02. Sad Souls - 29
03. Hateful Abandon - 27
04. Washed Out - 24
05. Low - 21
06. Monsters Build Mean Robots - 19
06. Blackbird Blackbird - 19
08. The Caretaker - 15
08. Peaking Lights - 15
10. Honeydrum - 14

1 – new album from Sean Conrad. Heavy influence from Water this time round in the deeply transfixing hallucinogenic trance.

2 – a couple of free d/l albums of folky drone – laptop & loops. Has a lovely cover of Nico's These days on it:

3 – Just one of the best bands around the UK at the moment. |Totally ditched the BlackMetal – almost all metal – for new album Move. Lots of 80s influence and very aggressive. Sounds like the Horrors if the discovered Swans, meant in the absolute greatest way possible,

6 – New album out to pre-order now. I've been waiting for this for about 5 years or something! Fantastic post-rock band from Chichester, sounding like Sigur Ros and arcade Fire on this new one. Good.

8b – I've also been greatly enjoying Faceplant – solo project of Aaron Coynes. Alien synth psych, just as dubby as Peaking Lights but leans even harder on the dancefloor groove

10 – Great occulty cold-wave guitar band just released a new ep on AMDISCS.

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