Wednesday, 20 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: Robel Synthesia - Indica Float

Robel Synthesia
Indica Float


"My music will always be be free for download as it is my belief that if you can't share your music with those who appreciate it, then why make it all? "

So says Robel Synthesia's Soundcloud profile, so here it is for you.

A psychotropic mix of acoustic and synthetic electrified sound, lashed together in some kind of loose harmony around the sole aim of getting high - which you might never guess from the clear-eyed production of this record. It has drugginess by the bong-load but it's not all masked under foggy veils of tape hiss and occluding layers of reverb. It's refreshing to get hit with something so  psychoactive and well defined - Animal Collective do it, and this owes them a debt, but it separates itself too and is for the most part way more chilled, picking up from where chillwave left off rather than where it started.

Half way through Cloud Boats the track bursts into life - rays of sun through parting clouds, yes - shamelessly evocative and effectively so. Amazon Sun reminds me of that bit on GR†LLGR†LL's mYsWeetcomy wOrLd where they annihilate some African chant, only considerably more respectful and joyous, humming off the earthy rhythm and looping it over to a peak - the African vocal harmonies make a reappearance on City Kids too giving the whole album a tropical feel that isn't forced.  Elsewhere, the city really is represented in Lipstick Lounge which deploys the briefest of vocal trills to enhance its buoyant conga beat and background burbles before laying down a classic gin & juice soaked g-funk 808 squiggle. 

There's nine tracks of this kind of summery sugary buzz to sink deep into, smoke or no smoke. 

Find him on tumblr too.

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