Friday, 29 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: Gorgons - four demo tracks

Four tracks from a mysterious US producer from Chicago uploaded to Soundcloud within the last two weeks and already picking up over a hundred plays each. Something very interesting happening here.  Gorgons makes wintery, claustrophobic snowstorm beat ambience.  Possibly like Burial would sound if he were from the Windy City, a soundtrack to a lost Guy Maddin film.  Four considerably different pieces of music; The mst recent, The Midnight Trail / A Dark Token, a huge swelling disturbingly creepy wall of consuming noise; elsewhere, icy enchanted vocals drift hazily through the shadowy groove of Red Cloud; a deep resonant bass tone thrums through the heart of Films at 11-02's dark nightscape, beset by muted explosions of beats that sound like shoes softly crunching through snow, evoking a lonely isolated vista that leads to the pure snow-storm white-out drone of Models.  All tracks are beautifully produced pieces with texture and detail.

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