Thursday, 21 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: Ghibli - Pythia


Thomas Michael of Jaded Hipster Choir has a new outfit with a recently released full album for free download. As much as I saw JHC lauded across a load of blogs I never really felt much from it or got in to it in a way that i felt justified any of the praise lavished upon it. From the name on something didn't sit right. Ghibli is a totally different entity entirely.

Firstly, the name references something genuinely cool, not by trying to be clever-clever sarky, snidey - a realignment of aesthetic which successfully extends to the music. Secondly, well, I just said - all the pretence and over-earnest trying has been shed and what's left is sublime, effortless sounding massively complex sample heavy House music experimentation that keeps on blooming over many repeated listens

Thirteen tracks of varying length, but none too long, means few ideas outstay their welcome though each is given enough space to develop into something coherent in a succinct amount of time.  Cosmic pulses and earthy beats meet to position the listener somewhere between the two realms - take the second track Mountain Time for sublime example: a heavenly soul vocal is chopped into so chaotically it's rendered disfigured to the point of ugliness, but the track persists until your tolerance is subverted and its flaws are reconfigured as perfection in a crystallising moment that immediately yields to a piano refrain breaking open the next track. Further towards the end off the epic trip  is Brahman, followed by Suicide, both two tracks that have choral, operatic vocal samples that boost the euphoric elements of the house sound to maxxxed out pupil-size dance-floor filling random partner groping levels of unsustainable peaking; in the classiest most dignified ways possible.

Download for free from Bandcamp and order the cassette from Wonder Beard Tapes

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