Thursday, 7 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: Deekie - Brickenden EP

Brickenden EP


This London based duo have produced four releases in the last six months, pouring music from their third eye of creativity at healthy rate - all available to download from their Bandcamp, as well as real world formats. As they say themselves "Deekie make music fast." 

Fast, but unhurried.

This new one is four tracks, opening with a softly looping misty-eyed glacially toned vocal drone and finishing with a heavy lidded twilight male vocal piece with quiet melodica there's a sweetly dreamy innocence pervasive through the music.  Combined with the childish font of their name and the sparse cover you could mistake the minimalism for amateur simplicity, but there's a sophisticated and complex understanding of their musical craft, the simple ideas of the songs reproduce until they are complex organisms by the time the tracks conclude; a see-saw hum and swaying melody echoing elegantly into intensifying infinity, galloping beats spreading out through tracks like ripples exacerbating the momentum of their own patterns.

Lovely stuff.

They've got a full complement of sites for you to stalk them over:


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