Monday, 1 August 2011

PREVIEW: The Outer Church 11th August: Strange Aeons with Ensemble Economique, High Wolf & The Wyrding Module

Preview repost plagiarised straight from The Outer Church itself, except to say from me to repeat in case you don't notice....

High Wolf everybody!  HIGH WOLF IS COMING TO TOWN!!!!!! >>>

As ever, The Outer Church brings you a line-up notable for its consistency and immersive potential, complementary layers of sound and vision offering a portal beyond the mundane. It's not just a gig... it's The Outer Church.

Starving Weirdo Brian Pyle presents a live performance in his solo guise as Ensemble Economique, touching on contemporary composition, electronic soundtracks and troubled drift. Last year's Psychical (Not Not Fun) drew plaudits from all quarters, and his forthcoming album for Dekorder is set to build on that album's uncanny success.

A modern psychedelic phenomenon, High Wolf - otherwise known as Max - has recorded for Winged Sun,

Not Not Fun, Moamoo and Holy Mountain and collaborated with Astral Social Club on the Iibiis Rooge project. Prepare for a dizzying demonstration of Pyramidal Meditation.

The Wyrding Module is a solo project from paramusician Christopher Gladwin, one half of Team Doyobi (Skam, ICASEA). The psychotronic sounds of the Module are inspired by Kosmische Musik, mantra-rock, post-industrial ambience and the occult.

The Wyrding Module Live @ Fuel 2 (mp3)

Visual Hex by James R Moore aka Black Mountain Transmitter

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