Friday, 22 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: Jef Barbara | DannielRadall - Cocaine Love (AMDISCS)

Jef Barbara | DannielRadall
Cocaine Love


The hotly anticipated Cocaine Love EP from luxuriously talented 80's synthpop producer Danniel Radall and equally deliriously talented cohort Jef Barbara has arrived! Four tracks of heat saturated, narcotically intoxicating voyeuristic vicewave (don't worry, no one will ever say that again, promise...guaranteed!). Each one a soon-to-be-BBQ-hit;  Crack Smoking Kids, Sexaphone Love , On Mirror and of course, Cocaine Love.

So loaded with drugs the LP's should get sent by mule, as sleazy as a tankini and hot enough to roll it's suit sleeves up, these are perfect summer party jams that sweat dirty street-level pheromones and high-life decadence in equal measure.

Download the ep free from Radall's Bandcamp, stream from the AMDISCS Soundcloud.

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