Tuesday, 19 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: Barad-Dur - I Descend

I Descend

The new cassette ep from the Tolkein-inspired one man black metal troupe Barad-Dur was released at the end of May on French Chanteloup Creations/Oaken Shield offshoot Wulfrune Worxxx, limited to 100 copies. Buy it for a ridiculously cheap £1.90 HERE, or free download from the Bandcamp.  Across the three tracks expect hoarse-throated, rugged mountain-like vocals and fizzing serpentine riffs that will worm their way under your skin. Opener The Self-Destruct Mindset not only introduces new lyrical themes (not that you'll be able to make them out), but presents itself with a rippling, haunting piano then goes on to echo it through plaintive sky-watching guitar then slowly drops in that feral buzz-saw and dry snare battery.  Alcoholic Mess continues the personal subject matter, taking a clean break from the fantasy of yore whilst replicating its tortured existentialism through acres of swampy spaciously paced sludge. The final track, titled Final, is seven minutes of  Burzum-esque ethereal ambiance played on synth and guitar, beautifully serene shimmer to clear your mind to after the harshness leading to it.

I interviewed fell-wanderer Nathan Watson for my UKBM week in December which you can revisit HERE. The excellent Regulus mini album which inspired me to get in touch with Nathan for the feature is also up for  name-your-price d/l.

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