Wednesday, 6 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: Impia - Impia EP

Impia EP

Two treack debut ep from this pitch black death heavy drone doom band from Cincinnati.  The first incongruously ringing in with a Mario coin ker-ching then smashes straight into the buzziest retake of SunnO))) and Moss style forest floor mud shovelling dirt.  The second track is twice as long, over ten minutes of swirling creeped out feedback atmosphere and crushing ten-foot high soundwaves of imperious darkness.  It's a promising start.

The band's own words:

"We have been striving to create something that evokes and emits the strongest feelings of negativity and resentment for everything living. Low tuned guitars,looming synth's and droning drums, distortion washes over you like waves of sludge in a sea of misanthropy. A new era of depression is upon us, an age of falling short and not living up to expectations, Impia, we feel embodies this hatred and deep seated anquish that we're forced to live everyday.'

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