Monday, 18 July 2011

DOWNLOAD & VIDEO: Regal Safari - Only, Triumph and Light

Here's one of the most intriguing and exciting propositions to have emerged from my Brighton city in a while: Regal Safari.  One pay through the three tracks on their Bandcamp will have you besieged by contemporary comparisons; the first ones that struck me were Balam Acab (or indeed, one side to the TriAngle sound that isn't shaded the colour of Witch House), Solar Bears, Caribou, Blondes, Worriedaboutsatan - lot's of dreamy and spacey artists who evoke elusive and somewhat intangible landscapes built of disembodied vocals, drifting cosmic ambience; sensuality, euphoria.

They're playing the Green Door Store in October and supporting Gazelle Twin in November. Stalk them on Facebook too.

Here's a brand new synapse frazzling remix of similarly awesome category-evading artist Seams' Hung Markets from their Soundcloud, stream three of their own tracks - Only, Triumph and Light - and/or download them all from Bandcamp.


  1. arg you beat me to this, he's scheduled in to blog in a few days!

  2. cool - minds aligned! I am expectign this band to be all over every blog by the end of the summer.....But have you queued up the Yith demo?!