Monday, 4 July 2011


DOWNLOAD: Iron Pirate - Vortex

Iron Pirate is back from the dead!

After delivering a perverse and insanely brilliant self-titled 8-bit thrash metal album in 2008 (which you can download HERE with the full booklet artwork), a couple of squat party gigs and a show for  NFR Live! he abruptly disappeared, leaving (or not) a deleted MySpace page and much speculation.  Now, after years of silence the cosmic wanderer has returned with news of a follow up album titled Death of 7 Planets, a galactic saga on a grand scale involving the attacking and ultimate demise of the planets of the album title.  Iron Pirate has given us a  preview track from the album to offer up to you, titled Vortex. Stream or download from my own Soundcloud, Iron Pirate should have one and/or a Bandcamp himself closer to the album release.

The track enriches the sound from his previous album, still retaining the feel of the old-school chiptune but fattening it up for greater impact.  Where the previous tracks were all quite hefty 6 - 8 minute epics, for his new material he has cut them down, again to increase the impact but losing none of their sense of scale. The riffs in it are huge! There is an immense groove pulsing through the chaos that locks this track down, throwing up some exhilarating moments of classic Metal abandon, though it's kinetic enough to go head to head with real life thrash guitar fretwork. Foot on the monitor midi mayhem. Well worth the wait.

You'll have noticed the artwork. Along with the album concept the artwork concept for the album will follow a similar theme to the first, with each track being illustrated, this time their images will be based on classic arcade shooters such as R Type and Gradius. The Vortex image is based on Hellfire, an old Megadrive game.

I'll keep you posted on developments as the album draws nearer. Until then, press play and let battle commence!