Monday, 25 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: Kunlun - II (Winged Sun)


(Winged Sun)

More delirious voodoo trance drone from France's globe-wandering psych shamen Max, aka High Wolf, Annapurna Illusion, one half of Iibiis Rooge and fully in control of the hallucinatory voyage he takes his listenes on.  Kunlun is another project that bears all the prints of his fingers on the burbling synths and sparsely propulsive slo-mo congotronic beats. This is the second release after I that was reelase din November.  It;s Max's most minimal project in all ways, with the album name II and tracks simply called A and B and a music that is equally minimal in its sense of single mindedness and unhurried development. There's a coolness to the way both 14 minute tracks open out from brittle beginnings into a more dynamic range of sounds, effected loops twittering away, synth lines moving steadily through an increasingly diverse range of hums that echo the strange biological starburst of the cover art.

Catch High Wolf playing at August's Outer Church at Brighton Komedia on the 11th.

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