Sunday, 3 July 2011

lastfm summer


Chillwave is back then

01. Washed Out - 72
02. Memory Tapes - 55
03. Robel Synthesia - 27
04. Goodwill Tapes From Outer Space - 26
05. Wild Nothing - 23
06. Inch-Time - 20
07. Deekie - 16
08. Andy Stott - 15
09. Marilyn Manson - 14
09. Shabazz Palaces - 14

1 – o.k., yes, I'm sold. Within Without is very likeable and easily listenable. Not sure I would be as obsessed with him if it was his first release though.

2 – kind of partners in chillwave aren't they? There's no Bicycle on here but there is a lot of cool stuff that pops up out of the songs, so...good songwriting.

3 – Still can't adequately describe this. It's very excellent psychedelic synth pop, for free

4 – Dutch bedroom guitar pop with nice organ sounds. Free d/l:

5 – every now and then I need a top up.

6 – dreamy/hypnagogic electronic producer. Sounds like Four Tet or Mount Kimbie in that it doesn't really sound that definable.

7 – some nice psych folk drone from London

8 – atmospheric doomy techno. Urban psychedelida.

9a – Had an overwhelming urge to listen to Mechanical Animals. Wasn't disappointed.

9b – Summery lushness. Lovely. Listened to it through headphones of the first time this week, sounds huge and came into its own.


that new HTRK track. Really good, they should be huge., Saw them support Liars and they were far more intense.

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