Tuesday, 19 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: Yith - Demo (Self-Released)


Essential self-distributed free d/l demo of sludgy hi-tempo US black metal that opens with a maelstrom of killer weighted riffs that drop like piledrivers down from a track titled Dwelling in Eternal Solitude. Home studio sounding production still can't disguise the amount of weight this is trying to convey - you will feel it.  The Metal Archives entry lists the number of members as none but my guess is this is a one man entity.  The tempo shift in Return from subterranean crawl to Link Wray-ramalama two-two kick with tremelo guitar tones screeching over it is just one of several deadly moments of coldly executed black metal strewn across these four tracks; the whole churning introduction to Dark Mysteries sounds like classic Immortal with the rhythm of the vocal delivery echoing that influence further and stirring up some genuine flutters of power in your belly as the potential to overwhelming epicness becomes clearly audible. By the final track Haunting Grief the funeral doom influences in their sound start to make their shadowy presences felt; the sombre dirt throwing off dust in surges of tempo, every shift a definably addictive riff accompanied by savage and poignantly phrased vocals.

Trust me; this one's a keeper.

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