Friday, 23 July 2010

Felt Drawings

Felt Drawings is the electronic/experimental/pop project of Los Angeles based Dominic Tiberio. The borderline twee name belies a darker sound behind it. Similar to other subterranean ~wavers like Cold Cave, Xiu Xiu, Blank Dogs or a downtempoed Railcars - by way of skittery beats, overloaded circuitry, guitar fuzz and blown out production it also shares a cleaner more serene claustrophobic atmosphere along the lines of the XX or Mount Kimbie. It's a combination of sounds that can trace a chilly path down your spine whilst keeping your synapses peaked - straddling current music memes like chillwave and witch house whilst cutting a bit of an individual road away from anything easily definable.

Here's a youtube of him at his most ambient, with In My Room that bears a strong resemblance to Basic Space, but ramps up the darker noisy elements, like the creepy cousin that never really opens it's mouth when it talks.

You can download three more songs for free courtesy of him here:


Another track Barriers can be heard kicking off Former Ghosts man Freddy Ruppert's SkinnyWolves mix We Stood That Chance. Download that from his Soundcloud HERE


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