Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Innumerable Forms - Contaminated

Innumerable Forms is a new Death Metal band from that sepulchral cradle of filth, the USA (Boston, Massachusetts).  Sounds and feels like the humid airlessness of Teitanblood with that rancorous texture, dripping sick sounding lead guitar squeals - literally, check the solo that claws across the foreground towards the end of this track here. Contaminated is the best, most fearsomely sculpted track from the 2010 self-released Dark Worship demo EP. The current lineup is just the one Justin Detore - heralding an era of One Man Death Metal Bands?  Unlikely.  This just begs to have a full band ploughing it out of a stack of amps in some sweaty decrepit club...with fencing in front of the stage!

Hoping for massive things from the future of this band.

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