Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tri Angle Records announces debut releases!

Move over Disaro! After months of waiting, Robin Carolan’s Witch House trend-setter in waiting record label TriAngle has announced the full details of its first two releases, and they come from two of my artists of the year.

The first release is set to be the ethereal ghost-dub See Birds by Balam Acab. Alec Koone of Brooklyn's solo outfit works within similar ambient landsacpe as Mount Kimbie, but has a slightly more sinister edge to the shades of the sound.  The debut EP - for label and artist will be released on August 16, on 12” and digital formats.

1 See Birds (Moon)
2 Regret Making Mistakes
3 Big Boy
4 Dream Out
5 See Birds (Sun)

See Birds is an intensely deep tune that plumbs deep into an occult subconscious, dredging around bass frequencies and tweaking them with ripples of filters and fx, flitting melodies, dreamstate vocals drifting between realms - very similar in tone and style to Forest Swords, whose new single I wrote about yesterday. Many shades of subtle:

Following See Birds comes the debut EP by the San Francisco based Christopher Greenspan's   oOoOO (disappointingly pronounced “oh”, rather than the far spookier...errr..."oOoOO"! - I read it as I see it; ghostly.) That drops on September 27th (another birthday treat for me, along with Deerhunter and Salem) with cover artwork from photographer Alison Scarpulla, whose visionary images are disturbingly evocative of the creeped out, spectral and magickal atmopsheres the genre has the potential to conjure. The NFR banner at the top of this blog is hers.


1 Mumbai
2 Burnout Eyess
3 Sedsumting
4 Hearts
5 Plains Is Hot
6 Burnout Eyes (Visions of Trees Remix)

oOoOO may be responsible for my track of the year in Seaww; embodying all the most essential elements of Witch House, with the dragged deeply eerie vocals, hypnagogic guitar solo and 808 beats. Hearts comes pretty damn close to repeating that effect, minus the ghostslopped vocals, replaced with their haunting female shadow version, and it's on this release. Here's a youtube of it for you:

As a pre-release-release TriAngle recently put out a tribute album to Lindsay Lohan songs, artists such as oOoOO and Oneohtrix Point Never covering her songs titled Let Me Shine For You, which can be downloaded here.


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