Tuesday, 27 July 2010

DOWNLOAD: Forest Swords - Rattling Cage 7"

Liverpool's incredible Forest Swords released his new record, Rattling Cage yesterday through  No Pain In Pop. Available on 7" limited to 300 copies and mp3, NPIP have also put out both tracks to download via Gorilla Vs.Bear, reposted here.

Rattling Cage

There's a video for the title track, which is suitably murky, tense and sinister. Filtered through chilling tones of Dario Argento and David Lynch, with a street-wise kick of Mario van Peebles, it is the perfect haunting accompaniment to the creeped out music of the Wirral resident - reconfiguring ghost-psych bands like The Shadow Ring through a shadowy hypnagogic prism of saturated delay, reverb and ethereal smoked out hip-hop memories. Imagine yourself swamped in soupy fog with ghostly martial drums clanging across the riverbanks - the rattling cage of the title referring to the opening baleful drum beat.  This is pretty mournful stuff, but it is also not a sound limited to just one sense of place or purpose.  There's elemts of dub(step) in the extra deep Shackleton-esque ambience and slowed beats, the aforementioned hypnagogy is there in those faded twilight hip-hop referencing beat rhythms. The previous Dagger Paths on Olde English Spelling Bee still gets a lot of listening at my place, and it's going to get a grand standing in my end of year lists for certain and this new release cements Forest Swords as one of my artists of the year.


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