Monday, 26 July 2010

This weeks DiS post had rules; real rules.

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.
(pmuj eht retfa srewsna)

1. This one is from that girl who split from that other girl and made a sunshine band. 25 minutes of beach baked no-fi filtered Spector-esqueness. With almost two hundred plays this week it’s been played more than the second place four times over - looks like this will be on repeat til it fades.

2. The hypnagogic cosmonaut’s new record is really starting to take hold of me now; getting fully sucked deep into its cosmic ebb and flow.

3. Gotta listen to what the boy wants a lot

4. This one will easily be in my top ten of the year – Romaniticised ~wave reinterpreted Smiths melodies that sound like they’ve been taped in an ice cave – shimmering reflections and cool echoes exquisitely carved and smoothed.

5. Yes, it does and you very much are. Cutting the long vapour trails out, leaving only the kaleidoscopic body of fizzing gas and steaming rock was a good move.

6. Still looks like this is my album of the year – or joint album of the year, along with that yoga teacher. About as left field as mainstream gloss-rock gets. A real headspinner/turner with a whole lotta Soul.

6b. Still can’t stop playing this all the time; its been over a year now and the magic isn’t dimming.

8. The 3 piece guitar/bass/drum combo album of the year – Velvets/Silver Apples/Fugazi melted down and recast. Guitar bands – if you don’t make as succinctly essential sounding music as this, give up now.

9. By far the best ever goth opera freak dub collaboration ever

10. “We didn’t have it this bad for most of the ‘90s and for most of the ‘00s, certain incidents notwithstanding, but now all of our noses are a little closer to the dogshit out on the sidewalks, and this band makes a strong case of how to react: with despair, howling resentment, and unshakeable fear. If they had any stage presence outside of “weird little craaaazy guy” on vocals, they might pack even more menace.” >>>

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