Tuesday, 13 July 2010

DOWNLOAD: Cults - Cults 7"

And here it is. My Cults obsession. Another genuinely inspiring gem from the Gorilla Vs. Bear label Forest Family. New York boy/girl two piece, slickly Motown, and sugary like the sweetest Spector Pop. Awesome.  Think free, loose and sweatily sensual experiences - ephemeral, transient, tangible.

This kind of stuff, I have recently realised, is made all the more potent by it's limitations, the consciousness of its disposability and sense of finity. Pop music succeeds when it harnesses it's brevity, when it injects every ounce of energy and enthusiasm into each moment of it's brief life with the understanding that this is all the time it will have on Earth, like a mayfly that once hatched has to outperform itself in a perfectly executed performance of existence. If Pop music and it's practitioners cannot submit to their fatality of their art and reproduce that urgency within their music then they are cheating us all.

This is that 24 hour artistic perfection smashed onto tape.

You an download their full Cults 7" ep totally free from their BANDCAMP,or order the real life shellac from the label.

Here's a video of Go Outside:

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  1. dang! I was about to blog about them tonight, for real! You beat me to it!