Monday, 26 July 2010

Endless Endless Endless Live at Dixon's Place in the Lower East Side April 2010.

Ultra detailed, super cosmic hypnotic noise/drone/ambience from this NY based two-piece. Endless Endless Endless have been playing live for about a year but the microscopic sonic biospheres their music induce is the kind of thing bands can play for years together to create and never achieve. This is a band operating at a higher level of consciousness, on another solar plane of natural, effortless, organic creativity and existence.

Their new cassette is out now on Tired Trails in a sweet little felt bag, limited to 50 copies; so if this video melts your mind as deeply as it has mine you better hurry up. I can promise you that the album is equally potent, if not moreso - the length of exposure, distance travelled all enhance the experience and let more of the soundworld in.

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