Tuesday, 6 July 2010

White Ring - Suffocation (Los Campesinos! Remix)

White Ring - Suffocation (Los Campesinos! Remix)
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Yeah, you heard right. Welsh tweesters Los Campesinos! getting involved in rescrubbing Witch House.

Today, White Ring release Suffocation featuring remixes by the aforementioned Los Campesinos!, venerable Witch House luminary Mater Suspiria Vision as well as Fostercare, Vitaminsforyou, Guy Dallas, and Unison.

The Los Campesinos! remix has been put out for free download as a teaser, and tease it does. As soon as you press play you'll be hit by the distance they've taken it from the original, but the prettiness they've dusted over it enhances that underlying feminity hidden inside Kendra Malia twisted bone dry deliveries of all White Ring tracks.  

Available digitally today and on vinyl on August 3rd from Hi-Scores Recording Library in a run of 500 colored white vinyl records. The physical version will feature the original track and the Haunted by Unison remix on the flip. Adding to the offering, Hi-Score will also be including a download card for all six remixes with purchase of the physical record. You can pre order the record now, which I would if you want it. White Ring + Mater Suspiria?  That's a combination that's going to shift.

7” Vinyl Release Tracklisting
1. Suffocation
2. Suffocation (haunted by Unison)

Digital Release Tracklisting
1. Suffocation
2. Suffocation (haunted by Unison)
3. Suffocation (Los Campesinos! Remix)
4. Suffocation (Fostercare Remix)
5. Suffocation (Guy Dallas Remix)
6. Suffocation (Mater Suspiria Vision Remix)
7. Suffocation (Vitaminsforyou Remix)

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