Thursday, 22 July 2010

Neon Marshmallow Fest (Chicago, IL)

Another in our long line of previews of amazing gigs that we can't go to is Neon Marshmallow - an experimental music and noise festival in Chicago, hosted by Red Electric Rainbow's Daniel Smith and Matt Kimmel of the DIY video site Acid Marshmallow.

It's the festival's first year of existence, but the ambition levels are already off the charts: Neon Marshmallow features more than 90 (ninety!) bands in two rooms over the course of four days (August 19-22) at the Windy City's Viaduct Theater. Expect unannounced special surprise sets and collaborations along with performances from these mindblowing astral voyages:

Astral Social Club + Burning Star Core + Carlos Giffoni + Dolphins into the Future + Ducktails + Emeralds + Excepter + Government Alpha + Keith Fullerton Whitman + Julian Lynch + Telecult Powers + Tom Carter (of Charalambides) + unFACT (David Sims of Jesus Lizard) + U.S. Girls

Full lineup and tickets are available at

This is a good enough excuse to post a youtube of the title track from Emeralds beautifully mindwarping album Does It Look Like I'm Here?:

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