Monday, 19 July 2010

(no) lastfm thread (?)

this weeks stats dis dual post

iPod didn’t scrobble 2 days of listening this week, so there’s a lot of Best Coast, Ice Dragon and Wild Nothing missing off here.

1. Best Coast - 118
2. Sing and Sign - 43
3. Roald Dahl - 40
4. Gonjasufi - 35
5. Mogwai - 31
6. Wild Nothing - 30
7. LA Vampires & Zola Jesus - 21
8. Ice Dragon - 20
9. Blackbird Blackbird - 19
10. Janelle Monáe - 18

1. This is the perfect summer record I was hoping for, even if it doesn’t have anything quite as outrageously perfect as Sun Was High on it.
4. This is developing into my album of the year. At the moment, in the middle of this, I can’t think what else is this great.
5. Always listen to Mogwai, this week a little more than most weeks.
6. Big album of the year here too. The rhythm and melodis of the Smiths, the production values of Atlas Sound. What’s not to love?
7. Amanda Brown taking her sound back to Pocahaunted’s murky lurking dub of Island Diamonds + the intensely convincing vocals of Zola. Really excellent.
8. Album The Burl, The Earth, The Aether available to download free from their bandcamp. Amazing Sabbath worshipping doom. –
9 Summer Heart lp available from their Bandcamp too. Really lovely female fronted Chillwavey stuff.
10. She’s no Gonjasufi is she? Disappointing in the face of the high praise I’ve been reading.

Track of the Week: Tennis - Marathon

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