Sunday, 4 July 2010

last frigging fm

This weeks Drowned In Sound/Blog stats double post:

1. Sing and Sign - 108
2. Laurie Fyke - 39
3. King Kong Ding Dong - 24
4. Will Haven - 17
4. Gr†LLGR†LL - 17
6. Sun Araw - 16
6. Washed Out - 16
9. Wild Beasts - 13
10. Rudi Arapahoe - 12
10 - P For Persia - 12

Spent the last week on holiday so Syd has held strong sway over the ipod. This is probably a more accurate representation of what I spend my time listening to, it’s just usually the baby stuff is played on cd so they never got scrobbled but now they’re all on itunes it looks like that’s all about to change. Also, on holiday we tend not to listen to albums and shuffle the pod instead so that’s why the numbers are low. It's the only time I ever do shuffle; makes it feel more like holidays. Seemed to love Electrelane’s Axes a lot, played 4 tracks off it in one day.

1. Sasha Felix, baby signing queen of Brighton. Syd’s favourite thing in the world. I have half these songs going round my head all the time, they're surprisingly catchy, although the influence of having a real baby may influence that rosy opinion somewhat.

2. aka Jolly Phonics - letter sounds cd - reworked nursery rhymes that last about 10 second or less and there's 40 of them, so this should be way over 100, if not more.

3. Put out their album for free. It's great. Sounds like a loose combination of Black Dice and Animal Collective with the annoying bits reigned it. Get it here:

the rest you already know, so...

10b. Brighton based 3-piece pay loud and heavy across a Lightning Bolt/Melvins/Boredoms axis. Picked up their album when they played with Wolf Eyes.

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