Monday, 12 July 2010

Last FM World Cup winner is....

DiS post

1. Wild Nothing - 108
2. Sing and Sign - 58
3. Women - 55
3. Washed Out - 55
5. Gonjasufi - 52
6. Xerbittert - 48
7. Real Estate - 26
8. Former Ghosts - 23
9. Tame Impala - 22
10. Roald Dahl - 18
10. Ólafur Arnalds - 18
12. Total Negation - 16
13. Laurie Fyke - 15
14. Actress - 14
15. Yo La Tengo - 13

1. Really beautiful, *lush* (a word in danger of becoming the new 'nice', if it hasn't already). But still, album and ep are wonderfully reverby and melodic - major listening experience all week, second only to...(S&S notwithstanding)....

3. Bit noisy and abrasive in a gorgeous way, but less good for dinnertime, so I've had Wild Nothing on more regularly for practical reasons, but otherwise it would be Public Strain nonstop. So many stunning moments, so many really cool instrument sounds; simultaneously dangerous and beautiful sounding.

5. Just got this album. Really is one heavy out-there psychedelic trip. Vocals are ridiculously great, like Beefheart fuzzed up. Going to be one of my albums of the year, top tenner, for sure.

6. This guy has put out about 5 releases this year and I've just caught up on them. Xasthur sounding walls of groaning ambience – don’t say 'depressive', say claustrophobic'.

10. Just picked up his new album and it hasn't disappointed at all. Pretty much speechless over this. Awe inspiring.

12. OMBMB! This guy is also in Trist, who make some pretty ace transcendental blackened trance, but on his own, with this 4 track ep, he rocks it up a bit with some heavy guitar tones, great bass riffs, drawn out drone sections and drummmachine shifts in a combination that totally slays!...leading me to:

Track of the week:

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