Monday, 7 June 2010

weekly malarkey

weekly malarkey

1. Oneohtrix Point Never - 87
2. Emeralds - 69
3. Plankton Wat - 39
4. Tame Impala - 33
5. Rangers - 32
6. Thee Oh Sees - 22
7. Gr†LLGR†LL - 21
8. Jack Rose - 20
9. Sun Araw - 19
10. MMOSS - 16
10. Bronze Horse - 16

This looks pretty much the same as last week, with the addition of new OPN, Emeralds and Plankton Wat albums.

3. Plankton Wat is Deweey Mahood from Eternal Tapestry's solo outfit. Last couple have been long winding treks through changing scenery, but this one camps down in a pretty little clearing, lights a fire and cooks up a batch of several little addictive wyrd folk tracts.

6. New Oh Sees is brilliant, as ever.

7. Gr†LLGR†LL still going strong - has all the love for Witch House dropped out of DiS? fye shame.

10a. Mmoss has that same Canterbury feel, that true/historical 60's acid explosion sense of Psychedelic music, especially in the drums, same as Tame Imala which I am realising is a record that totally slays.

Track of the week: Blondes - Moondance. An epic 11 minutes of astral-italo-house. Download from RCRD LBL: There's also an Oneohtrix remix that melts it down to 5 minutes of bubbling solar flare where the beat used to be.

Also, as a bonus, here's my 3 month artists in cloud form:

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