Thursday, 24 June 2010

OMBMBW VII - Static Goat

Static Goat is Goat Serpent from Enbilulugugal.  Thought I'd break things down even further into some hideous abyss of sludgy Satatnic distortion for you. No mpfrees, no videos. Head over to the myspazz and play Slimebucket. That's my pick of the 6 demo tracks he put out last year. More industrial supersonic horrortronics than black metal, but still steeped in enough of the ancient mystic and magick that powers some of the tr00 kvlt BM, with a will to fuck it up as disrespectfully as the footnotes of those ancient laws should allow.

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  1. To anyone interested, MpFree's of Static Goat and tons more are available at....