Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Black Mountain Album Details and Single Download!

Jagjaguwar have put up a very tantalising free teaser track/new single (it's getting pretty hard to tell the difference these days!) from the new Black Mountain album Wilderness Hearts, due for release on September 13th.

The track is called Old Fangs and it's pretty rockin'.


On my first listen I thought "Yes, this going somewhere...hang on, what are these new influences creeping in.....PEARLJAMNINEINCHNAILSNIRVANAMUDHONEY - WOAH!!!" That's not to say it's all loose and lithe, but it's definitely some pretty gnarly riffing, and the organ vibrato rotation is using that leslie speaker to full effect, with a really shimmery wobble that has a raggedy edge to it. The layers of instruments move in and out of the mix giving an immersive hallucinatory, holographic 3D effect, or it feels as if each part is leaping over the previous instrument to get at you - there's blown out super loud distortion smashing into cleaner builds, vocal harmonising getting swept away by pulsing waves or hammond tone.  At first I thought that shark cover image was a bit shit, but after listening to this a few times that maw of serrated blades rushing at you seems pretty fitting. The track is only four minutes too, which is as succinct as this band get.  In short - this packs a punch

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