Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Many Brighton gig goers will already know the unstable recent history of the Freebutt, and yet again it is under threat of closure from the Council and Environental Health.
The Freebutt is one of the landmark venues on the international touring circuit; it is not only renowned in Brighton but the world over. Taking it away would be a cultural disaster equal to the shutting down of CBGB's in New York. The current owners and promotors are making a significant positive impact on a variety of musics both locally and internationally. It would be a senseless loss to an enormous number of people; made all the more galling by the absurdity of the circumstances involving the complaint and it's investigation.

Please sign this petition to raise your objections:

Read this to get you up to date with the complaint (singular) and subsequent absurdities that might result in its closure:

Everyone counts, so please please please sign it and re post/send it!

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  1. Duncan! I left my phone at home because I text Amelia this morning to say good luck and didn't put it back in my bag! Can you either email me her number at but I will be gone from 12 so if not before then just tell her I'm sorry I'm so lame.