Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Juche - Tropical Space Garage!

Just as I was thinking I'd been missing the dubstep that all this witchhouse has displaced of late, along comes Juche, and it seems a bit too good to be real.  I get a friend request from this artist who made his MySpace page only today.  There's this strange green mine/virus image where a head should be (I took the blue one from his pics because I prefer it). His top 4 friends were all Warp artists, he only had 20 in total with 16 page views and I just doubled his play count in the last 20 minutes. The full text on the page reads

i am Juche from north korea. i make tropical garage bass. all praise to the dear leader. i do not play but if you like tunes i give them to you.

There are only two tracks on the player, Again and Through Blood and Bone. Both sound like a lot of the dubstep artists with some funk soul in their beats; that purple sound of artists like Guido, Joker, Gemmy, Ginz; In Again the bass is spread wide out when it comes in, filling up just the right amount of space for the drums and melodies to ride out on and it's tricked out with some 8-bit chatter strafed over the final push.  The second track has a huge, complex and intricate polyrhythm flexing and coiling around a supple soulful bassline that reminds me a lot of that hauntingly beautiful one from  Joy Orbison's The Shrew.

So this Juche just seems a little too perfect to be new into the scene, and from North Korea too?  I can't help but feel there's soemthing else to this  Too much going on in the sounds to be unschooled and untested.  If he is the real deal and only has two demos to his name well; consider my tiny mind blown with the potential here.

Find him here; immediately: