Monday, 28 June 2010

PREVIEW: Dre▲ms In †he Wi†ch House

Coming soon! The debut Witch House DJ night in Brighton - in the UK - possibly even the world! From the hands and mind of FokkaWolfe:

Dre▲ms In †he Wi†ch House
An audio visual hex of Witch House/Zombie Rave/EBM/Tech Noir & Ghost Drone.
With LIVE Witch House remixing of classic 90s rave tunes
and a small smattering of classic goth for those who need to mourn the past.
20th July @The Penthouse.
Above the world famous Freebutt,
Three film projectors throwing Witch House videos against the walls with backup from
David Lynch, Dario Argento and Alejandro Jodorowsky.


  1. Hell yeah!! Their are people from all over the place coming to this night!! (properly like travelling from other countries and stuff!!)

  2. Need witchhouse nights in London, good job being the first!