Thursday, 3 June 2010

Male Bonding Daytrotter Session

I have been listening to Nothing Hurts a fair bit and am still  unsure as to how much I like it. But I do like it. I think. I like that Male Bonding have taken this risky approach to redoing their songs for Daytrotter - unplugging rock music is the most foolhardy thing any untested band can do. Volume covers over a lot of cracks. After listening to these versions, I'm going to go back to the album with a renewed interest.

Chill Into The Gloom Of Haunting Words And Smoke

"There's no pressure in a Male Bonding song, as heard on this session, just an as-luck-would-have-it ease that's maybe owed more to the acoustic guitar than anything else and to having this be the first time the trio had ever performed their songs in such a manner. It's a simple root beer float or margarita feeling to these four songs, two of which appear on the album and two that don't appear anywhere else."

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