Tuesday, 22 June 2010

OMBMBW III - Abyssed

Breathe in the trees!  Here's the second awesome black metal soloist to hail from Rawalpindi - Abyssed  Told you it was a hotbed.  One man named Wernahulmakes this fearsome high-temperature blackened fuzz that howls off the hills of Pakistan. It is nothing like yesterday's band, this is a ferocious blown out noise, calling on all the elemental forces surrounding him to unleash a naturalistic form of blak metal, in thrall to one strain of the original ideology. No Satanism, just Nature.

Abyssed put out two split releases last year, with a new EP due out anytime since January this year, but it's still not dropped.   Download his 2008 self-released demo Bejaan HERE to whet your appetite for the future release., and the Abyssed & Bleak Emptiness & Yhdarl split ep HERE

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