Friday, 25 June 2010

OMBMBW IX - The Ruins of Beverast

The Ruins of Beverast is a German industrial tinged outfit by a man named Alexander von Meilenwal.  The main themes he pursues are Anti-Christianity and War.  The Ruins has three full album releases; 2004's Unlock the Shrine, 2006's Rain Upon The Impure and 2009's Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite - what a title that is. See how those album titles progress from an initial, literal, unlocking of forces to the empowered and overbearing entity than can pour scorn and sarcasm onto the scene.  

Thee's some standard hallmarks of sheer OMBMB excellence here - the guitar tones, drum sounds, curtains of ambience. It's all there, yet with a certain, massive sense of something extra that is, to emply another cliche, indefineable.  It is not for insignificant reasons that the three albums score an average of 95% over on the Metal Archives.

The track I've decided to post is from 2004's debut; The Clockhand's Groaning Circles conveys the dank, dark atmospheres and background of ancient forces that can be heard continuing through the other albums.  There's an elegance to the execution of this track that in some respects has never been bettered, and in others has been built up upon in subsequent releases, though what has been added to increase weight/aggression/impiety, has served to mask the subtlety and teutonic Satanic sensuality this track might convey.

Enough cryptic Metal rhetoric. Press play and lower your heads.

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