Monday, 7 June 2010

DOWNLOAD: Distant Summers (NFR Mix 04, June 2010)

Distant Summers
NFR Mix 04, June 2010


This fourth Not For Resale mix has been a while coming (though not as long as last month’s John Dwyer one!), so much so that it may have already missed the boat; although that’s not to say that Chillwave’s star is descending just yet, it definitely has a lot of plateauxing to do as it gathers new fans and many of these records of been holding my fascination for over a year. Considering the amount of blogging that’s been devoted to it I am surprised by the number of people who have never come across any of these artists. Strange to think that a genre I consider so devoutly Pop that has been so central to my life for the last year is so alien to others. So, I figured, not only did I want to make it for the fun of it, but that there could be some kind of demand for an immediate history lesson of the genre in one tidy mix - with some newer impending artists for the future thinkers. It surely is time for such a thing.


Universal Studios Florida - Soft White Watts / Sun Glyphed Comanche Kissed (Ocean Sunbirds, Permanent)
Memory Tapes – Bicycle (Seek Magic, Acephale)
Bye Bye Blackbird - Happy High (Happy High ep, Self-Released)
Small Black - Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix) (Split 7”, Jagjaguwar)
Weird Tapes - The Walking Dead (Self-Released)
Ducktails – Landrunner (Landscapes, Olde English Spelling Bee)
Tassels - Bird of Prey (Self-Released)
Matrix Metals - Flamingo Breeze (Flamingo Breeze, Not Not Fun)
Yoga - Fourth Eye (Megafauna, Holy Mountain)
The Samps - F.X.N.C. (Mexican Summer Sampler)
Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You (Psychic Chasms, Lefse-VCR)
Ariel Pink - Reminiscences (Before Today, 4AD)
Toro Y Moi – Blessa (Causers of This, Carpark)
Nite Jewel - Weak For Me (Good Evening, Human Ear)
Teej - Out (Thirst, Self-Released)
Washed Out - New Theory (Life of Leisure, Mexican Summer)
Memoryhouse - Lately (Troisieme) (The Years, Arcade Sound/Inflated)

Thanks for downloading. Enjoy!


  1. mate, i'm so looking forward to listening to this.....Glad I Didn't Take Acid With You.

  2. awesome. hope you like it! Did you get the dubstep/noise/drone one we were talking about? It's here:

  3. What a perfect cover and title. Loving track 3 so far...can you believe it?