Thursday, 9 July 2009

PREVIEW: Sleepy Sun, Hind Ear, Laish Quartet

Next week this hugely promising gig is being put on by our friends One Inch Badge records and features our friends Hind Ear and Laish Quartet! Needless to say, we will be there.

San Francisco sextet Sleepy Sun bring their massive waves of pastoral psych blues to the Freebutt, coming on like a warped and extra ethereal fusion of Black Mountain and Dead Meadow through the addition of soem West Coast occult cosmic heaviness this band have been rolling across the states like a Carnival, bringing the weirdness with them. Lead 7" White Dove was a bewitching foreboding of the Embrace album which we're hoping will get a complete airing on the night.

The support are two Not For Resale veterans, both having played gigs for us - In their previous Revenge of Shinobi guise Hind Ear played a trippy heady set at the Greenhouse, but now their reconfigured sound is lighter yet, more intricate and substantial at the same time with anintoxicating mix of electronics and analogue loops, beats and revebed shimmer their unique pretty pulsing flowering drum beat euphoria should lift everything intoa pre-climactic peak. Ge there even earlier to be spell bound by the Wilkommen Collective's most recent addition Laish Quartet. The band that power's the visions of Danny Green, his (not always) quartet of revolving instrumented musicians play awe inspiring folk songs that involve wry meditations on love, uplifting odes to death, deadpan humour weighed down and boued up by a weary, yet tangible sense of hope.

A mesmerising night for sure.


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