Sunday, 12 July 2009

PREVIEW: Axxonn + Power Up + The Vainglories

Type PR Presents...Axxonn featuring Tom Hall and Ian Rogers, Power Up and The Vainglories.

Don't call it a comeback, and it's a gig we've been waiting for for such a long time that we weren't quite sure it would ever happen but - Power Up are playing again. Kathy Power has been contributing madd skillz to Scotch Egg's Drum Eyes troupe and Chris Up has been working on his laptop&guitar loops solo project the duo are back with a new set that is reported to sound like "A monster waking up, having breakfast, going on a rampage then falling to sleep"

That's a set we like the sound of, but there's more:

The Vainglories is Brighton based, Melbourne borne Gillian Allder, whose slowly built walls of darkening laptop cliff face are undercut by a rising tide of haunting piano leads.

Headliners Axxonn have got us intrigued and excited through their Birchville Cat Motel / Tim Hecker / Ben Frost style EP which they are giving away free from their MySpace and which you can download HERE. Cascading scenes of blurred guitar in a cacophony of sound that feels like a rainbow sawing through your cranium.

Here's some live Power Up for you to sink your frontal lobe into:

power up at spirit of gravity - brighton - june 08


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