Saturday, 18 July 2009

PREVIEW: Everyone To The Anderson, Caution Horses

Here's an awesome free gig to kick your Friday night into next week - two days early that's how hard it's kicking you. and it's free.

Get your best Albini references out as Everyone To The Anderson assail your person with their three speared gut punching angular rock - drums, bass, guitar. Simple as. Devastating. Sharply dressed, sharply cut, as feral as the streets can spit out this is music that feels dangerous to be around, all the more so for simultaneously giving the sense that it's always tightly controlled, even when the seams at the edge of your ears start tearing.

Caution Horses are on a European tour with Fashoda Crisis - I wonder how Eastern Europe will take to their celebrity sex obsessed, metallic riffing. probably go down real well. Sewer punk spewed onto the glossy middle shelves of newstands - self proclaimed "shit rock noise attack". Hello.

Southend's The Fashoda Crisis named their debut EP 'Mischief of One Kind and Another' - which is what Max made the night of Where the Wild Things Are. So they're o.k. by us already. Melodic, agitated, rough-housing rock riding roughshod over the easily outraged.

We don't know anything about Disinfo so we'll have to go with the poster and assume an ATDI band from Worthing to have some salty chops worth watching.

Buckle up.

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